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Impressie Dreamforce 2019

Gepubliceerd op 1 december 2019 om 14:34

Introduction: een impressie van Dreamforce 2019, in English :)

  • Location: San Francisco
  • Date: 19-22 November 2019
  • 4 inspiring and energizing days
  • 171.000 people
  • 16M online viewers
  • 2.700 break-out sessions
  • Supporting Act: Fleetwood Mac, Alicia Keys


  • Speakers: (full overview and details here: https://www.salesforce.com/dreamforce/speakers/)
    • Barack Obama (US President)
    • Tim Cook (Apple)
    • Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones)
    • Barbara Humpton (Siemens)
    • David Beckham (Football Player)
    • Megan Rapinoe (Football Player)

Best Practices transitioning to Lightning

1 Clean-up

This is the perfect time to remove redundant and no longer used functionalities and data. Simplify where possible, align where needed

2 Listen

Listen to your end users, give them a voice, you might even learn something from them, have them show you their spreadsheets…

3 Dream

How would it look if you (your end users) could have it all, no boundaries, no budget constraints. Put the dot on the horizon and create a back log

4 Train

Train your end users on the tools, capabilities and processes so they can get the most out of them and have the feeling they are in control


1 Lightning UX

The new mobile app will have the lightning look and feel, both on phone and tablet

2 Conditional Visibility of components

Show users only the relevant components they need to see related to the activity they are executing

3 Auto-update in February 2020

The salesforce1 app will automatically switch to lightning in February 2020

4 Manage centrally, deploy instantly

The complete app (look & feel, capabilities and data) can be managed from the online platform and deployed with the click of a button to the salesforce app container

Einstein Search

Completely new search capability;

  • Takes your preferences and scope into account
  • Understands normal language e.g. “show me all my opportunities closing this month”
  • Search results are shown directly in the screen and actions can be taken from the screen (e.g. create activity, change stage, etc.
  • GA ‘20

Einstein Voice (beta 20)

Talk to your CRM system anywhere, anytime

    1. Update data: “Hey Einstein, update my opportunity at account x and change the stage to won”
    2. Ask for insights (via a smart speaker) during your sales management meeting: “Hey Einstein, are we hitting our targets this quarter”. Answer: “ There is a 70% chance you will hit your target, if you want to increase this to 90% I suggest to do the following actions…”
    3. Record and play back calls for coaching purposes with a visual guideline that jumps automatically to the section of interest
    4. Build your own Voice capabilities

Thoughts & considerations

  1. For Einstein to work properly all data needs to be in the salesforce platform
  2. Build your own AI vs. using the power of Einstein to model our AI capabilities
  3. offline requirement  vs. working online (mobile)
  4. Train end users using trailhead and Trailhead Go (mobile)
  5. All of this is only available in Lightning (not in Classic)

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